"The Operating System"

GroundZero Technologies - Innovation Labs is planning it's own OS release. More details of the project with complete specifications will be revealed soon. Stay tuned till then!

Speech Recognition

"Making your machine your best buddy!"

What if your machine listens to you and do exactly what you want from it?
Input through mouse and keyboard or touch surfaces needs continuous touch between the user and machine. We are planning a complete new way of interaction with the system through sound inputs, which will be much more sensible then the existing systems.

We will work out a complete platform for the users where their voice will trigger every action, every time!

Data Visualizations

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

We believe that data in perfectly presentable form is only way to use it! A lot of work is being done at gZ Technologies to make data presentable. This ranges from generating simple charts, maps and graphs to 3D visuals. We are generating our own api's to perfrom these tasks for us. Along with them, we seek a lot of help from programming platforms like Processing.js, R, S etc.

The results are being put into our products which achieve a high deal of appreciation from the customer.