Sninger aims at creating a web based platform for all type of educational institutes – ranging from schools to universities. It will provide a dedicated interface to all the students, teachers, administrators and managerial level people. For students, it will have all type of information available about him/her – attendance, results, assignments, syllabus etc.

For teachers, we can have a dashboard to add, delete or update attendance, messages to students or other faculty member, upload questions etc. Similarly, we will have a panel for administrators, where they can add new students, or faulty members or assign them subjects to teach or upload any time tables etc. Administrators will also include the hostel wardens. For management, they can decide for the subjects to be taught to particular semester or batch.



This is a simple web browser as others - you can add tabs, open new windows, store your favorite links and all other things as other browsers can do. This is lightweight application with all the functionality sacked from a normal web browser that a common man hardy uses or even had clicked once. The main motive of developing this browser is to ship a simple browser with some different looks and feels. This idea has delivered improved looks and made it simple.


Presently in beta mode, Muzo is newly built full featured mediaplayer. Continuosly updating it's skills to play various new formats and undergoing frequent design upgradations, it still needs a lot of efforts before it comes out as full fleged mediaplayer.

Red Sulphur

This is a cloud based ERP solution developed on Microsoft Windows Azure Platform to meet the demands of these industries:

  • Packaging Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Logistics
  • Rice Processing



It's a Database Engine. It's first of it's kind of product from Indian IT Industry. Lot's of efforts are being put in to make it a success.